Who else thought that $100 a day would be a great start to 2011? If you’ve been struggling to make real money online, an extra 50, 75 or 100 dollars a day will not only give you extra income, but also, more importantly, give you the momentum, and the confidence to KNOW you can do it too.

Actually, making your FIRST $100 is hard – but getting easier every day…..and if you know how to systematize your business you can literally automate A LOT of your earnings in less than 90 days.

EASIEST way to earn $100 a day online in 2011…NO teachers, or big investments?

Content marketing. Or, I prefer to call it, the Straight Line Strategy.

Very simply, you create content to post to an OPT page at, or root level redirect, which forwards to your favorite high EPC affiliate program.

If you use an opt-in page bonus138, you can still sell affiliate offers, of course…..but your BEST bet is to promote your OWN high-value, high-value premium service.

If you use affiliate redirection, you just need to figure out how many articles in a day you want to write, see how many actual VISITORS the article generates (via the click-through rate the article gets relative to the cumulative overall visitors) and then simply UPGRADE and expend your campaigns until you reach your target revenue goals.

As an example?

If the affiliate offer has an EPC of 100 – and each article you write generates an average of 10 visitors TO your actual redirect page, you will need to write 10 short articles a day, more or less, to achieve your goal.

The truth is, and the REAL secret of making money online is this:

It’s more about MATHEMATICS, than marketing. (especially if you are an affiliate)

That’s it – keep it simple and use the content – ​​curriculum – conversion model. This is the easiest way to make as much progress as possible, and you really need to learn VERY little more than the above to get started today!

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