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If you love to gamble and have tried online casinos bonus138, you may have come across a casino powered by Vegas Technology software.

There are two options on how casinos give bonuses to companies backed by Vegas Technology. One casino network adds a bonus directly to a player’s account when a deposit is completed. Everything happens automatically and almost without a hitch.

This is by far the most effective and easy-to-use way to add bonuses to a customer’s account. However, this prevents you from talking to a support agent and asking for a better bonus. This is especially important if you are a regular player at the casino. They may be able to offer a better bonus if you ask.

However, there is another drawback. When a bonus is added to a player’s bank account, it immediately enforces the terms of play. While this is not exclusive to the Vegas Tech network, there are opportunities for players that are simply not possible with other casino networks.

This is how both Vegas Technology powered casino casinos provide bonuses to player deposits. This is when they ask players to contact customer support by toll-free phone or via live chat. While this is what I prefer, you should be aware that the waiting time for support via live chat can be very long.

Contacting support may not be required by the network. However, it can give players an added edge. You accept the bonus and agree to play only certain slot games. But, Vegas Technology allows you to participate in other games like blackjack. However, only a small percentage is credited for play-through requirements.

That bonus aspect guarantees that you will be playing longer at the casino. However, if a player contacts support after making a deposit, this allows them to open a window for them to gamble. If they win big, they can withdraw the bonus.

If you have just won a large amount of money, the support will tell you that the bonus will not be accepted otherwise. The reason is because your winnings have inflated your account. It is best to give bonuses. You will be happier that you have as much, or more, than if your bonus had been deposited.

Cashout is available anytime.

Both methods of awarding bonuses to players’ accounts have their respective advantages. Since most players will lose money, it is evident that the bonuses given at the time of deposit are more convenient for them. This alternative usually results in a waiting period that can last up to a full hour. This alternative method also has its advantages. Players can stop playing if they win big, because they have no obligation to receive the bonus.

It all comes down to perspective. If you are a hit and run player, it’s better to add bonuses later on (if needed). It would be better for the majority of players to add a bonus the next time they make a deposit.

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