Means of questioning probability mathematics in calculating to win gambling

Means of questioning the math of probabilities in calculating winning bets – In my years of analyzing games, I occasionally get emails from someone criticizing my father’s work. They find some errors or imperfections in their calculations. Well, my dad is human and it’s possible for him to make mistakes, but when it comes to math, I know he doesn’t make much.

As for “imperfections,” my dad usually doesn’t go for a “perfect” strategy but rather an “expert” strategy. Keep in mind, players are not allowed to use their cell phones (i.e. mini computers) at the table and 20-30 years ago there were no smartphones and laptop computers weighed as much as today’s desktop computers. There’s a lot of benefit if you know a game pays 98.73% if you don’t have a reasonable way to achieve it.

To be honest, I’ve heard the same criticism on my work too bonus138. Another writer took my work on Ultimate Texas Hold’em and considered it flawed because I said the game had an X return, when he felt it had an X+.2% return. However, the same author admits that he has found this out by running a complete analysis of the perfect game for the computer, but in no way gives players any help.

Ironically, had he read my original report it stated the payback was for the human playable strategy I presented and the perfect computer strategy could achieve higher returns but it is highly unlikely that any human could ever achieve that.

Expert Strategy is meant to be a strategy that humans can play – period. Now, different people are able to have different levels of strategy. In some cases, I have presented “basic” and “expert” strategies. Sometimes, Expert Strategy and perfect strategy are one and the same. In Three Card Slot Gambling nothing is easier than Q-6-4.

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