Poker At Online Casinos Are Not Always Open To The Public

Poker At Online Casinos Is Not Always Open To The Public – The current coronavirus crisis reminds me of an important concept. This is one I have written and talked about for almost 50 years.

It starts with a story. I have a friend, Howie B, who was the best stud player in several games on the up east side of New York during the 1970s. He had played with Stu Unger and Eric Drache when they were still on the East Coast. We call him Howie the Horse because of his size and habit of going to the Aqueduct or Belmont race track every day.

He usually loses whatever he won the night before bonus138. In fact, he occasionally lost more than he had won the night before, and went back into debt. For the time being, it doesn’t matter. Every day he loses on the track, but every night he wins at poker games.

But as time goes by, the game gets more and more difficult. Some truly horrendous players go broke or get tired of losing and quitting. Their place was taken by people who played well enough. Some of the other weak players got better.

Finally, the inevitable happened. The Horse continues a losing streak at poker. And things on the track didn’t get any better. He got a job at the bar in the afternoon at one of the local joints. This serves the dual purpose of providing some cash and keeping it out of the way.

One afternoon, I stopped for a beer. I gave him a lecture on money management and playing only when you have the best. (To this day, I continue to give similar lectures to talented gamers who periodically go bankrupt.)

He said, “When I used to win every night, I thought the game was candy shop. Now I realize, candy shops are not always open. ”

I laughed, drank another beer and left. On the way home, I realized that he had made very insightful comments about gambling, or maybe even life in general. It’s important to realize that candy shops are not always open!

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