I have an Ace of spade It’s a poker pot to bet big

I’ve got an Ace of spades It’s a poker pot for big bets – The next day I went to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino to play my favorite game of Texas Hold’em with a $4-$8 limit with a half-kill. While waiting for a seat, I went to my favorite floorman, Cris. He was a man who I consider to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the poker world regarding the rules of the game, and the best at dealing with player issues and disputes – even when he and I disagreed on resolving issues. Larry Flynt Casino is lucky to have him on his staff.

I told Cris about my dream. He is a good listener. Yes, he agreed, the hand was very unusual; and, yes, he emphasized that suits don’t matter in Texas hold’em. Spades are no better than clubs.

The funny thing about it, that very night, one bonus138 of the players at my poker table caught a quad 4 in the river. Can you guess what’s in the hole? It is the Ace of spades along with the 4 of spades. Not exactly identical to my dream, but close enough to make me wonder: Do I have the magic power to peek into the future while sleeping? (I was just kidding, of course.)

In the end, I managed to make a small profit at the poker table that night. It wasn’t easy, but Esther Bluff came to the rescue. Almost as enthralling as my dream was the “gambling riddle” I was told at the casino that night by one of the most interesting poker personalities I have ever met.

I have previously written about Byron Ziman, including his thought-provoking concept of a tainted “poker out” – interesting. To help me remember the riddle, Byron kindly wrote it down for me so I could share it with you. Here he is:

As a concern about odds in gambling games, “why are they called ‘odds’ and not [called] ‘pecularis’?” That’s Byron’s riddle. The answer: “Because if they were called ‘pecularis,’ no one would take them.”

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